A beautiful cultural treasure

The National Tobacco Museum houses a fine cultural treasure: in addition to over 6,000 inventoried collection objects depicting the legacy of tobacco (mainly smoking attributes and supplies), there is a wide range of:

  • archival and iconographic material
  • tobacco advertising
  • industrial-archaeological heritage (both in terms of cultivation and processing)

Most of the collection is owned by the non-profit organisation The Friends of the Tobacco Museum. It was founded in 1981, with the main aim of acquiring a museum-worthy collection.

Acquisition area founded on 4 principles

  • Very broad and encompassing all facets of the rich tobacco culture – a deliberate choice;
  • Emphasis mainly on the Western European tobacco story;
  • No closed collection – about 200 new objects are acquired every year;
  • All periods of tobacco history are covered: from the 16th century to the present day.