This year, the National Tobacco Museum is teaming up with Ever Meulen, illustrator and graphic artist who helped make the weekly Humo a success during the 1970s-1990s. His drawings are so iconic that many an art lover can see at a glance that they are from the delicate hand of Ever Meulen. A native of Kuurnen (born 1946), he has always had a fondness for roaring cars, swaying ladies and excellent music. His eye for detail, humorous wink and dynamism form a whole that catches everyone’s attention. In addition, smoking attributes pop up in many drawings and the artist himself is also seen regularly with pipe in mouth. Fortunately, in his own words and with a broad smile, he is freed from this foggy sin.

Smokebility. The name of the exhibition is a contraction of the English words “Smoke” and “Mobility”. With the museum, we step into the regional project “50 YEARS E3/E17” of Leiedal and ZuidWest. Therefore, together with Ever Meulen, we mainly chose drawings around mobility, in combination with the pipe, the cigar and the cigarette. He delved into his rich collection and selected over 100 drawings for this exhibition.