In 3 zones, we want to introduce visitors to Wervik as a town with a rich past (Roman, medieval, …) and its special location at the crossroads of borders (Leie region, Westhoek, Northern France and Wallonia Picarde). Of course, the tobacco story should not be missed as a warm-up for a visit to the National Tobacco Museum. The counter was given a new location and there is also more space to present sales items in an attractive way. The city was able to count on subsidies from the Province of West Flanders for the project.

Vernieuwd toeristisch onthaalkantoor Wervik-2 (© Evenbeeld – Pièce Montée)

Wervik is a frontier town in every sense of the word. Located right on the border with northern France, on the cusp between the Leie region and the Westhoek, and close to the province of Hainaut, Wervik is a surprising destination for a successful outing with your family, friends, colleagues or association.

Here you will experience the typical border feeling that colours our region. Stroll along the renovated Leieboorden or unwind on the recreational island De Balokken. Discover the rich history of one of Flanders’ oldest cities with a musical, culinary walk. Explore the war tragedy that struck our city and region a century ago. Pay a tasty visit to one of the local producers or would you rather sniff the centuries-old tobacco tradition at the National Tobacco Museum?